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DateTitle Authors
2014 Does corporate taxation deter multinationals? Evidence from a historic event in IrelandGörg, Holger / Strobl, Eric
2000 Recent Developments in the Debate on DeferralAltshuler, Rosanne
2004 A backward looking measure of the effective marginal tax burden on investmentBecker, Johannes / Fuest, Clemens
2004 Asymmetric taxation and cross-border investment decisionsNiemann, Rainer
2004 Wide vs. narrow tax bases under optimal investment timingPanteghini, Paolo M.
2005 Effects of corporate tax reforms on SMEs' investment decisions under the particular consideration of inflationNam, Chang Woon / Radulescu, Doina Maria
2005 Does Germany collect revenue from taxing capital income?Becker, Johannes / Fuest, Clemens
2005 Group taxation, asymmetric taxation and cross-border investment incentives in AustriaNiemann, Rainer / Treisch, Corinna
2005 Taxation and the financial structure of German outbound FDIMintz, Jack / Weichenrieder, Alfons J.
2005 Optimal tax policy when firms are internationally mobileBecker, Johannes / Fuest, Clemens

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