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2009 O Potencial Distributivo do Imposto de Rendapessoa Física (IRPF)Soares, Sergei / Silveira, Fernando Gaiger / dos Santos, Claudio Hamilton / Vaz, Fábio Monteiro / Souza, André Luis
2009 Optimal emission tax with endogenous location choice of duopolistic firmsIkefuji, Masako / Itaya, Jun-ichi / Okamura, Makoto
2003 Atkinson and Stiglitz theorem with endogenous human capital accumulationNaito, Hisahiro
2003 Endogenous human capital accumulation, comparative advantage and direct vs. indirect redistributionNaito, Hisahiro
2011 Evaluating real world income distributions behind the veil of ignorance: How risk averse do you have to be to prefer Europe over the US?Weichenrieder, Alfons J. / Zafar, Tasneem
2014 On discovery, restricting lawyers, and the settlement rateBaumann, Florian / Friehe, Tim
2009 Externality-correcting taxes and regulationChristiansen, Vidar / Smith, Stephen
2007 Redealing the Cards: How the Presence of an Eco-Industry Modifies the Political Economy of Environmental PoliciesCanton, Joan
2010 Optimal redistributive taxation with both extensive and intensive responsesJacquet, Laurence / Lehmann, Etienne / van der Linden, Bruno
2004 On the Inefficiency of InequalitySchiff, Maurice

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