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2012 Fiscal incidence when both individual welfare and family structure matter: The case of subsidization of home-care for the elderlyMou, Haizhen / Winer, Stanley L.
2011 Incidence of unilateral consumption taxes on world carbon emissionsEichner, Thomas / Pethig, Rüdiger
2011 Flattening the carbon extraction path in unilateral costeffective actionEichner, Thomas / Pethig, Rüdiger
2009 Aplicação de um modelo fatorial dinâmico para previsão da arrecadação tributária no BrasilMendonça, Mário Jorge / dos Santos, Cláudio Hamilton / Martins, Thiago Guerrera
2012 La oferta agrícola, a corto y largo plazode Pablo, Juan Carlos
1993 Microsimulation as an instrument to evaluate economic and social programmesMerz, Joachim
2012 Social spending and Income redistribution in Argentina during the 2000s: The rising role of noncontributory pensionsLustig, Nora / Pessino, Carola
2012 Business taxation and wages: Evidence from individual panel dataBauer, Thomas K. / Kasten, Tanja / Siemers, Lars -H.R.
2013 Has German business income taxation raised too little revenue over the last decades?Bach, Stefan
2014 Effective Corporate Taxation, Tax Incidence and Tax Reforms: Evidence from OECD CountriesBarrios, Salvador / Nicodème, Gaëtan J.A. / Fuentes, Antonio Jesus Sanchez

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