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2000 Tax liability side equivalence in experimental posted-offer marketsBorck, Rainald / Engelmann, Dirk / Müller, Wieland / Normann, Hans-Theo
2007 Verteilungseffekte der öffentlichen Finanzierung der Hochschulbildung in Deutschland: Eine Längsschnittbetrachtung auf der Basis des sozioökonomischen PanelsBorgloh, Sarah / Kupferschmidt, Frank / Wigger, Berthold U.
2011 Quantifying the role of federal and state taxes in mitigating income inequalityCooper, Daniel H. / Lutz, Byron F. / Palumbo, Michael G.
2002 Improving the Ecological Tax Reform in Germany - Model Based Analysis of the Ecological and Economic Impacts of Alternative ProposalsMeyer, Bernd / Lutz, Christian
2007 Fiscal Discrimination Between Consumer Groups: Tax Burden Distribution Under Price DiscriminationPlewka, Jörg
1995 Welfare effects of investment incentive policies: A quantitative assessmentFehr, Hans
2015 Argentina y los subsidios a los servicios públicos: un estudio de incidencia distributivaPuig, Jorge / Salinardi, Leandro
2015 Capital Income Taxation and Household ProductionApps, Patricia / Rees, Ray
1998 The Comparison Between Ad Valorem and Specific Taxation under Imperfect Competition: Evidence from the European Cigarette IndustryDelipalla, Sophia / O'Donnell, Owen
2009 Um modelo econométrico com parâmetros variáveis para a carga tributária bruta brasileira trimestralMendonça, Mário Jorge / dos Santos, Cláudio Hamilton / Medrano, Luis Alberto

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