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DateTitle Authors
2005 On the redistributive properties of presumptive taxationBalestrino, Alessandro / Galmarini, Umberto
2005 Optimal redistributive taxation when government's and agents' preferences differBlomquist, Sören / Micheletto, Luca
2004 Efficiency effects of tax deductions for work-related expensesRichter, Wolfram F.
2004 Measuring Tax Efficiency: A Tax Optimality IndexRaimondos-Møller, Pascalis / Woodland, Alan D.
2013 Two Sources of Bias in Estimating the Peak of the Laffer CurveUsher, Dan
2009 On the desirability of taxing capital income to reduce moral hazard in social insuranceJacobs, Bas / Schindler, Dirk
2005 The economics of workaholism: we should not have worked on this paperHamermesh, Daniel S. / Slemrod, Joel
1998 An Axiomatic Proof of Mirrlees' FormulaHomburg, Stefan
2005 A contribution to the theory of optimal utilitarian income taxationHellwig, Martin
2004 On the Inefficiency of InequalitySchiff, Maurice

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