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2011 Identifying the effects of government spending shocks with and without expected reversal: An approach based on U.S. real-time dataCimadomo, Jacopo / Hauptmeier, Sebastian / Sola, Sergio
2012 Os brics sob a ótica da teoria dos acordos regionais de comércioFerraz, Lucas Pedreira do Couto
2013 Profit shifting and 'aggressive' tax planning by multinational firms: Issues and options for reformFuest, Clemens / Spengel, Christoph / Finke, Katharina / Heckemeyer, Jost H. / Nusser, Hannah
2009 Um modelo econométrico com parâmetros variáveis para a carga tributária bruta brasileira trimestralMendonça, Mário Jorge / dos Santos, Cláudio Hamilton / Medrano, Luis Alberto
2004 How to promote R&D-based growth? : public education expenditure on scientists and engineers versus R&D subsidiesGrossmann, Volker
2004 The X tax in the world economyBradford, David F.
2006 Globalisation and the mix of wage and profit taxesHaufler, Andreas / Klemm, Alexander / Schjelderup, Guttorm
2013 The effects of a financial transaction tax in an artificial financial marketFricke, Daniel / Lux, Thomas
2013 A set of estimated fiscal rules for a cross section of countries: Stabilization and consolidation through which instruments?Reicher, Christopher Phillip
2005 To draft or not to draft? : Efficiency, generational incidence, and political economy of military conscriptionPoutvaara, Panu / Wagener, Andreas

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