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2012 Os brics sob a ótica da teoria dos acordos regionais de comércioFerraz, Lucas Pedreira do Couto
2013 Profit shifting and 'aggressive' tax planning by multinational firms: Issues and options for reformFuest, Clemens / Spengel, Christoph / Finke, Katharina / Heckemeyer, Jost H. / Nusser, Hannah
2009 Um modelo econométrico com parâmetros variáveis para a carga tributária bruta brasileira trimestralMendonça, Mário Jorge / dos Santos, Cláudio Hamilton / Medrano, Luis Alberto
2014 Documentation IZAΨMOD v3.0: The IZA Policy Simulation ModelLoeffler, Max / Peichl, Andreas / Pestel, Nico / Siegloch, Sebastian / Sommer, Eric
2015 The debate on growing inequality: Implications for developing countries and internationalZattler, Jürgen K.
2014 Proportional influence? Electoral rules and special interest spendingKöthenbürger, Marko / Egger, Peter / Smart, Michael
2014 The Great Schism in the Theory of Public Finance. A Treatise in the Theory of Economic ThoughtBlankart, Charles B:
2014 Getting into GEAR: German and the Rest of Euro Area Fiscal Policy During the CrisisStähler, Nikolai / Gadatsch, Niklas / Hauzenberger, Klemens
2004 Optimal Income Taxation, Public-Goods Provision and Public-Sector Pricing : A Contribution to the Foundations of Public EconomicsHellwig, Martin
2014 Fiskalische Abwertung: Wirtschaftlicher Impuls für die Krisenländer im EuroraumBernoth, Kerstin / Burauel, Patrick / Engler, Philipp

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