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2013 Obama and the macroeconomy estimating social preferences between unemployment and inflationEnkelmann, Soeren
2013 Government popularity and the economy first evidence from German micro dataEnkelmann, Sören
2013 The economic determinants of US presidential approval: A surveyBerlemann, Michael / Enkelmann, Sören
2009 A post-accession crisis? Political developments and public sector modernization in HungaryJenei, György
1999 Democratisation versus accountability - should the European Parliament be given more powers?Schwager, Robert
2008 Voter Involvement, Fiscal Autonomy and Public Sector Efficiency: Evidence from German MunicipalitiesGeys, Benny / Heinemann, Friedrich / Kalb, Alexander
2008 The Impact of Intergovernmental Grants on Cost Efficiency: Theory and Evidence from German MunicipalitiesKalb, Alexander
2008 The Impact of Trust on ReformsHeinemann, Friedrich / Tanz, Benjamin
2004 Demokratiedefizit in Europa? Über Dichtung und Wahrheit in der europäischen VerfassungsdebatteSchmidtchen, Dieter
2010 Corruption as a form of extreme individualism: An economic explanation based on geography and climate conditionsArghyrou, Michael G.

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