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2010 Demographische Strukturveränderungen und verzögerte Anpassung der GemeindefinanzenFreigang, Dirk / Seitz, Helmut
2011 Democratization and civil liberties: The role of violence during the transitionCervellati, Matteo / Fortunato, Piergiuseppe / Sunde, Uwe
2010 Veto Players and Policy Trade-Offs- An Intertemporal Approach to Study the Effects of Political Institutions on PolicyScartascini, Carlos / Tommasi, Mariano / Stein, Ernesto
2012 The causality between government revenue and government expenditure in IranElyasi, Yousef / Rahimi, Mohammad
2001 On Government Centralization and Budget Referendums: Evidence from SwitzerlandSchaltegger, Christoph A. / Feld, Lars P.
2014 Democratic Redistribution and Rule of the MajorityCorneo, Giacomo / Neher, Frank
2013 Does Female Suffrage Increase Public Support for Government Spending? Evidence from Swiss BallotsJaronicki, Katharina E.
2013 Private Provision of Public Goods and Information Diffusion in Social GroupsScharf, Kimberley Ann
2008 Social welfare and coercion in public financeWiner, Stanley L. / Tridimas, George / Hettich, Walter
2013 Intrinsic Motivations of Public Sector Employees: Evidence for GermanyDur, Robert / Zoutenbier, Robin

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