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DateTitle Authors
2010 Extremism Drives Out ModerationKlose, Bettina / Kovenock, Dan
2007 The economic effects of constitutions: replicating - and extending - Persson and TabelliniBlume, Lorenz / Müller, Jens / Voigt, Stefan / Wolf, Carsten
2008 Economic-social interaction in ChinaLindbeck, Assar
2008 The efficiency loss of capital income taxation under imperfect loss offset provisionsAhsan, Syed M. / Tsigaris, Panagiotis
2008 The rich demystified: a reply to Bach, Corneo, and Steiner (2008)Jacob, Martin / Niemann, Rainer / Weiss, Martin
2007 On the determinants and effects of political influenceChong, Alberto / Gradstein, Mark
2010 Electoral Systems and the Influence of the Median Voter: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from popular and parliamentary votesPortmann, Marco / Eichenberger, Reiner / Stadelmann, David
2010 Fiscal adjustment and the costs of public debt service: Evidence from OECD countriesSchaltegger, Christoph A. / Weder, Martin
2010 Is Latin America on the Right Track? An Analysis of Medium-Term Frameworks and the Budget ProcessScartascini, Carlos / Filc, Gabriel
2009 Behavioral and experimental economics can inform public policy: some thoughtsRiedl, Arno

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