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2005 Abnormal Returns in Privatization Public Offerings: The Case of Portuguese FirmsVieira, Carla / Serra, Ana Paula
2005 From Government to Regulatory Governance: Privatization and the Residual Role of the StatePerotti, Enrico / Bortolotti, Bernardo
2005 Share Issuing Privatizations in China: Determinants of Public Share Allocation and UnderpricingQuan, Qi / Huyghebaert, Nancy
2013 The Limits of Central Counterparty Clearing: Collusive Moral Hazard and Market LiquidityKoeppl, Thorsten V.
2014 How Would Hedge Fund Regulation Affect Investor Behavior? Implications for Systemic RiskMinamihashi, Naoaki / Wakamori, Naoki
2010 Corporate Finance and Comparative AdvantageKeuschnigg, Christian / Egger, Peter
2012 Padrão de financiamento e exposição cambial das empresas brasileiras a partir da crise de 2008Filho, Edison Benedito da Silva
2010 Profit Taxation, Innovation and the Financing of Heterogeneous FirmsRibi, Evelyn / Keuschnigg, Christian
2010 Managerial Prudence under Banking RegulationBuck, Florian
2010 Financing Activities and Payout Policies of Entrepreneurial Firms: Empirical Evidence from Initial Public Offerings in GermanySeim, Martin / Bessler, Wolfgang / Drobetz, Wolfgang

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