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2003 The semantics of governance (The common thread running through corporate, public, and global governance)Apreda, Rodolfo
2012 Opaque governance, special purpose vehicles, and the preacher's waiverApreda, Rodolfo
2008 Connections and performance in bankers' turnover: better wed over the mixen than over the moorBattistin, Erich / Graziano, Clara / Parigi, Bruno Maria
2004 Enhancing corporate governance with one- and two-tiered convertible preferred stockApreda, Rodolfo
2007 The rise of corporate governance brokers and how they trade in asymmetric informationApreda, Rodolfo
2010 Devising a non-standard convertible zero-coupon bond to enhance corporate governanceApreda, Rodolfo
2014 What is the Relation (if any) Between a Firm's Corporate Governance Arrangements and its Financial Performance?Wessels, Roberto E. / Wansbeek, Tom J.
2003 A real options approach to tender offers and acquisitions processesDapena, José Pablo / Fidalgo, Santiago
2002 Incremental cash flows, information sets and conflicts of interestApreda, Rodolfo
2008 Cost of capital adjusted for governance risk through a multiplicative model of expected returnsApreda, Rodolfo

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