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DateTitle Authors
1997 Gesamtwirtschaftliche Bestimmungsgründe der Insolvenzentwicklung in DeutschlandLehment, Harmen / Blevins, Christopher / Sjøvoll, Espen
2010 Convertible bonds: Risks and optimal strategiesHuang, Haishi
2006 Die Verlustverteilung des unternehmerischen Forderungsausfallrisikos: Eine simulationsbasierte ModellierungDannenberg, Henry
2009 Incorporating the dynamics of leverage into default predictionLöffler, Gunter / Maurer, Alina
2006 A simple explanation for the unfavorable tax treatment of investment costsPanteghini, Paolo M.
2007 Preemption, start-up decisions and the firms' capital structureMoretto, Michele / Panteghini, Paolo M.
2012 Systematic risk, debt maturity and the term structure of credit spreadsChen, Hui / Xu, Yu / Yang, Jun
2007 The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act: Means-testing or mean spirited?Ashcraft, Adam B. / Dick, Astrid A. / Morgan, Donald P.
2012 Trade credit and the propagation of corporate failure: An empirical analysisJacobsen, Tor / von Schedvin, Erik
2011 Are credit default swaps associated with higher corporate defaults?Peristiani, Stavros / Savino, Vanessa

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