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2013 Is bank debt special for the transmission of monetary policy? Evidence from the stock marketIppolito, Filippo / Ozdagli, Ali K. / Perez, Ander
2006 The structure and performance of Ethiopia's financial sector in the pre- and post-reform period with a special focus on bankingGeda, Alemayehu
2014 Financial frictions and the reaction of stock prices to monetary policy shocksOzdagli, Ali
2012 Countercyclical capital regulation and bank ownership structureTrani, Tommaso
2013 Product Innovation and Trade Credit Demand and Supply: Evidence from European CountriesNielen, Sebastian
2015 Location decisions of non-bank financial foreign direct investment: Firm-level evidence from EuropeDavies, Ronald B. / Killeen, Neill
2013 Leverage and Risk Taking under Moral HazardHott, Christian
2014 The integration of credit default swap markets in the pre and post-subprime crisis in common stochastic trendsChen, Cathy Yi-hsuan / Härdle, Wolfgang K. / Hien, Pham-thu
2008 Support vector regression based GARCH model with application to forecasting volatility of financial returnsChen, Shiyi / Jeong, Kiho / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2015 Private equity, layoffs, and job polarizationOlsson, Martin / Tåg, Joacim

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