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2001 Corporate monitoring by blockholders in Europe: empirical evidence of managerial disciplining in Belgium, France, Germany, and the UKDherment-Ferere, Isabelle / Köke, Jens / Renneboog, Luc
2007 You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs: the impact of venture capitalists on executive turnoverHeger, Diana / Tykvová, Tereza
2006 How Does Owners' Exposure to Idiosyncratic Risk Influence the Capital Structure of Private Companies?Müller, Elisabeth
2007 The Importance of Equity Finance for R&D Activity: Are There Differences Between Young and OldCompanies?Zimmermann, Volker / Mueller, Elisabeth
2009 Bilanzielle Behandlung von hybriden Finanzinstrumenten: Eine ÜbersichtSchröder, Michael / Gans, Julia
2008 The importance of equity finance for R&D activity: are there differences between young and oldcompanies?Mueller, Elisabeth / Zimmermann, Volker
2007 How does owners' exposure to idiosyncratic risk influence the capital structure of private companies?Müller, Elisabeth
2012 Einflussfaktoren von CDS-Spreads als Maß für das aktuelle Bonitätsrisiko: Liefert das Rating eine Erklärung?Blumenstock, Hendrik / von Grone, Udo / Mehlhorn, Marc / Merkl, Johannes / Pietz, Marcus
2009 Sovereign Wealth Funds: Ein BranchenüberblickSun, Jiayi / Demmler, Michael
2008 The impact of order size on stock liquidity: a representative studyStange, Sebastian / Kaserer, Christoph

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