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2006 How Does Owners' Exposure to Idiosyncratic Risk Influence the Capital Structure of Private Companies?Müller, Elisabeth
2007 How does owners' exposure to idiosyncratic risk influence the capital structure of private companies?Müller, Elisabeth
2008 The impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley act on the cost of going publicKaserer, Christoph / Mettler, Alfred / Obernberger, Stefan
2005 Zur Unterscheidung von Eigenkapital und Fremdkapital : Überlegungen zu alternativen Klassifikationsansätzen der AußenfinanzierungKnabe, Andreas / Walther, Ursula
2006 Why managers hold shares of their firm: An empirical analysisvon Lilienfeld-Toal, Ulf / Ruenzi, Stefan
2009 Hedging price risk when payment dates are uncertainKorn, Olaf
2008 Risk management with default-risky forwardsKorn, Olaf
2013 Public/private transitions and firm financingHuynh, Kim P. / Paligorova, Teodora / Petrunia, Robert
2005 How and why do small firms manage interest rate risk? Evidence from commercial loansVickery, James
2009 Financial visibility and the decision to go privateMehran, Hamid / Peristiani, Stavros

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