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DateTitle Authors
2008 Central counterpartiesKoeppl, Thorsten V. / Monnet, Cyril
2008 Who is the ultimate master of contractual, regulatory, discretionary and residual cash flows? An answer from the standpoint of corporate governanceApreda, Rodolfo
2000 Finanzsystem und KomplementaritätHackethal, Andreas / Schmidt, Reinhard H.
2011 Review of best international practice in operational risk managementThlon, Michał
2002 A Revealed Preference Approach to Understanding Corporate Governance Problems: Evidence from CanadaChirinko, Robert S. / Schaller, Huntley
2002 Making corporate governance workSmith, Roy C.
2008 The cost of equity in Canada: An international comparisonWitmer, Jonathan
2007 Estimating and comparing the implied cost of equity for Canadian and US firmsWitmer, Jonathan / Zorn, Lorie
2008 An examination of Canadian firms delisting from US exchangesWitmer, Jonathan
2001 Risk sharing and firm size: Theory and international evidenceGiannetti, Mariassunta

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