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DateTitle Authors
2008 Multiple-reason decision making based on automatic processingGlöckner, Andreas / Betsch, Tilmann
2011 Conditions and strategies of creating company value on the basis of corporate social responsibility: Synthetic presentationDoś, Anna
2011 DCF fair value valuation, excessive assetes and hidden inefficienciesMielcarz, Paweł / Wnuczak, Paweł
2004 Gründungsfinanzierung und beschränkte RationalitätGürtler, Marc / Hartmann, Nora
2000 An applied econometricians' view of empirical corporate governance studiesBörsch-Supan, Axel / Köke, Jens
2008 Not so lucky any more: CEO compensation in financially distressed firmsKang, Qiang / Mitnik, Oscar A.
Mar-2004 "Siegreiche Strategien". Geeignet für Anlagen zur Altersversorgung?Scholtz, Hellmut D.
2003 Investor Protections and Concentrated Ownership: Assessing Corporate Control Mechanisms in the NetherlandsChirinko, Robert S. / van Ees, Hans / Garretsen, Harry / Sterken, Elmer
2015 Why FX Risk Management is broken: And what boards need to know to fix itJankensgård, Håkan / Alviniussen, Alf / Oxelheim, Lars
2008 Contagion and the beginning of the crisis - Pre-Lehman periodKirály, Júlia / Nagy, Márton / Szabó, Viktor E.

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