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2000 Towards a regulatory agenda for banking in EuropeSchmidt, Reinhard H. / Benink, Harald
2011 The Basel III framework for liquidity standards and monetary policyBindseil, Ulrich / Lamoot, Jeroen
2011 Business valuation engagement letter: Regulations adopted in selected standardsGrudziński, Michał
2012 Control of finance as a prerequisite for successful monetary policy: A reinterpretation of Henry Simons's "Rules versus Authorities in Monetary Policy"Moe, Thorvald Grung
2010 Is reregulation of the financial system an oxymoron?Kregel, Jan
2009 A perspective on Minsky moments: The core of the financial instability hypothesis in light of the subprime crisisVercelli, Alessandro
2011 Institutional prerequisites of financial fragility within Minsky's financial instability hypothesis: A proposal in terms of "institutional fragility"Sinapi, Christine
2010 The global financial crisis and the shift to shadow bankingNersisyan, Yeva / Wray, L. Randall
2012 Diversität im Aufsichtsrat: Studie über die Zusammensetzung deutscher AufsichtsräteRieck, Christian / Bendig, Helena / Hünnemeyer, Julius / Nitzsche, Lisa
2009 Comparison of auction formats in Canadian government auctionsArmantier, Olivier / Lafhel, Nourredine

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