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2003 Evaluating internal credit rating systems depending on bank sizeFrerichs, Hergen / Wahrenburg, Mark
2011 Exposure at Default Modeling with Default IntensitiesWitzany, Jiří
2009 State Aid and Competition in Banking: the Case of China in the Late NinetiesCheng, Xiaoqiang / Van Cayseele, Patrick
2009 A lesson to learn from developed countries: The case of state branching deregulation in the USGuillén, Jorge
2014 Are banks less likely to issue equity when they are less capitalized?Dinger, Valeriya / Vallascas, Francesco
2001 Wie global sind Japans Banken? Die Veränderung institutioneller Bedingungen und ihre Auswirkungen auf die internationale Präsenz japanischer KreditinstituteGrote, Michael H. / Klagge, Britta
2000 Towards a regulatory agenda for banking in EuropeSchmidt, Reinhard H. / Benink, Harald
2011 The Basel III framework for liquidity standards and monetary policyBindseil, Ulrich / Lamoot, Jeroen
2011 Business valuation engagement letter: Regulations adopted in selected standardsGrudziński, Michał
2012 Control of finance as a prerequisite for successful monetary policy: A reinterpretation of Henry Simons's "Rules versus Authorities in Monetary Policy"Moe, Thorvald Grung

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