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DateTitle Authors
2006 Private Equity WavesSmit, Han / van den Berg, Ward A.
2003 Underpricing of venture-backed and non venture-backed IPOs: Germany's Neuer MarktFranzke, Stefanie A.
2010 Expected returns to stock investments by angel investors in groupsDeGennaro, Ramon P. / Dwyer, Gerald P.
2012 Has Europe been catching up? An industry level analysis of venture capital success over 1985 - 2009Kräussl, Roman / Krause, Stefan
2010 Are particular industries more likely to succeed? A comparative analysis of VC investment in the US and EuropeKraeussl, Roman / Krause, Stefan
2012 Das Geschäft mit Derivaten und strukturierten Produkten: Welche Rolle spielt die Bank?Schmidt, Wolfgang M.
2009 Rating opaque borrowers: why are unsolicited ratings lower?Bannier, Christina E. / Behr, Patrick / Güttler, André
2011 Auswirkungen risikoadjustierter Eigenkapitalanforderungen auf die Kreditvergabe deutscher BankenGrunert, Jens / Strobel, Daniel
2006 Rivals or partners? Evidence from Europe's international private equity dealsSchertler, Andrea / Tykvová, Tereza
2007 You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs: the impact of venture capitalists on executive turnoverHeger, Diana / Tykvová, Tereza

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