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2011 Volatility Patterns of CDS, Bond and Stock Markets Before and During the Financial Crisis – Evidence from Major Financial InstitutionsBelke, Ansgar / Gokus, Christian
2010 Structured finance influence on financial market stability: Evaluation of current regulatory developmentsSchütz, Sebastian A.
2011 Determinants of structured finance issuance: A cross-country comparisonSchuetz, Sebastian A.
2006 Market Liquidity, Investor Participation and Managerial Autonomy: Why do Firms go Private?Boot, Arnoud W.A. / Gopaian, Radhakrishnan / Thakor, Anjan V.
2013 The impact of information risk and market stress on institutional trading: New evidence through the lens of a simulated herd modelBoortz, Christopher K. / Jurkatis, Simon / Kremer, Stephanie / Nautz, Dieter
2012 Financial transaction tax contributes to more sustainability in financial marketsSchäfer, Dorothea
2009 The bonus-driven "rainmaker" financial firm: How these firms enrich top employees, destroy shareholder value and create system financial instabilityCrotty, James
2009 Are Private Equity Investors Good or Evil?Badunenko, Oleg / Barasinska, Nataliya / Schäfer, Dorothea
2010 Drivers of private equity investment in CEE and Western European countriesBernoth, Kerstin / Colavecchio, Roberta / Sass, Magdolna
2010 Does the tenure of private equity investment improve the performance of European firms?Badunenko, Oleg / Baum, Christopher F. / Schäfer, Dorothea

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