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2003 The use of momentum, contrarian and buy-&-hold strategies: survey evidence from fund managersSchmidt, Ulrich / Menkhoff, Lukas / Brozynski, Torsten
2005 The sustainability of the Hungarian pension system: A reassessmentOrbán, Gábor / Palotai, Dániel
2004 The Rise of Fund Managers in Foreign Exchange: Will Fundamentals Ultimately Dominate?Gehrig, Thomas P. / Menkhoff, Lukas
2011 Economic Costs and Benefits of Imposing Short-Horizon Value-at-Risk Type RegulationShi, Zhen / Werker, Bas J.M.
2013 The impact of duality on managerial decisions and performance: Evidence from the mutual fund industryKempf, Alexander / Pütz, Alexander / Sonnenburg, Florian
2003 Risk management, rational herding and institutional investors : a macro viewMenkhoff, Lukas / Lütje, Torben
2004 To Be Good or To Be Better: Asset Managers' Attitudes Towards HerdingLütje, Torben
2004 Sichtweisen und Anlageverhalten des österreichischen FondsmanagementsLütje, Torben
2006 Does the Stock Market React to Unsolicited Ratings?Behr, Patrick / Güttler, André
2002 Explaining Hedge Fund Investment Styles by Loss AversionSiegmann, Arjen / Lucas, André

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