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2008 Do optional deductibles reduce the number of doctor visits?: empirical evidence with German datSchmitz, Hendrik
2007 Does the product quality hypothesis hold true? Service quality differences between independent and exclusive insurance agentsTrigo Gamarra, Lucinda
2008 The effects of liberalization and deregulation on the performance of financial institutions: The case of the German life insurance marketTrigo Gamarra, Lucinda
2005 Risk Diversification by European Financial ConglomeratesSlijkerman, Jan Frederik / Schoenmaker, Dirk / de Vries, Casper
2007 Single- versus multi-channel distribution strategies in the German life insurance market: A cost and profit efficiency analysisTrigo Gamarra, Lucinda
2006 The quality of insurance intermediary services: An analysis of conduct and performance in the German market of insurance intermediationEckardt, Martina
2013 Pricing rainfall derivatives at the CMELópez Cabrera, Brenda / Odening, Martin / Ritter, Matthias
2010 A Continuous Theory of Income InsuranceLindbeck, Assar / Persson, Mats
2008 A Continuous Model of Income InsuranceLindbeck, Assar / Persson, Mats
2013 Impact of a low interest rate environment: Global liquidity spillovers and the search-for-yieldBelke, Ansgar

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