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2010 Insurance Market with Self-Protection Activities and Risk Interdependencies: Profits, Market Structure, and Risk ExposureHofmann, Annette
2010 Contract design and insurance fraud: an experimental investigationLammers, Frauke / Schiller, Jörg
2014 Life insurance demand under health shock riskKraft, Holger / Schendel, Lorenz S. / Steffensen, Mogens
2006 Learning, structural instability and present value calculationsPesaran, Mohammad Hashem / Pettenuzzo, Davide / Timmermann, Allan
2002 The Dynamics of Market Insurance, Insurable Assets, and Wealth AccumulationKoeniger, Winfried
2008 A Dynamic Analysis of the Demand for Health Insurance and Health CareBolhaar, Jonneke / Lindeboom, Maarten / van der Klaauw, Bas
2008 Better Safe than Sorry? Ex Ante and Ex Post Moral Hazard in Dynamic Insurance DataAbbring, Jaap / Chiappori, Pierre-André / Zavadil, Tibor
2005 FDIC-sponsored self-insured depositors: using insurance to gain market discipline and lower the cost of bank fundingKonstas, Panos
2002 Agent and Broker Intermediaries in Insurance Markets -- An Empirical Analysis of Market OutcomesEckardt, Martina
2007 Does signaling work in markets for information services? An empirical investigation for insurance intermediaries in GermanyEckardt, Martina

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