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DateTitle Authors
2001 The endowment effect, status quo bias and loss aversion: Rational alternative explanationDupont, Dominique Y. / Lee, Gabriel S.
2011 Sickness recovery intensities for short term health insurance in GreeceMavridoglou, George / Kiochos, Peter
2000 Adverse selection in the annuity market when payoffs vary over the time of retirementBrunner, Johann K. / Pech, Susanne
2010 Uncertainty of Governmental Relief and the Crowding out of InsuranceRaschky, Paul A. / Schwarze, Reimund / Schwindt, Manijeh / Zahn, Ferdinand
2009 Corporate Demand for Insurance: An Empirical Analysis of the U.S. Market for Catastrophe and Non-Catastrophe RisksMichel-Kerjan, Erwann / Raschky, Paul A. / Kunreuther, Howard C.
2004 Adverse Selection with individual- and joint-life annuitiesPech, Susanne
2010 The effect of policyholders' rationality on unit-linked life insurance contracts with surrender guaranteesLi, Jing / Szimayer, Alexander
2007 Charity hazard : A real hazard to natural disaster insurance?Raschky, Paul A. / Weck-Hannemann, Hannelore
2007 Estimating the effects of risk transfer mechanisms against floods in Europe and USA: A dynamic panel approachRaschky, Paul A.
2002 Adverse selection in the annuity market with sequential and simultaneous insurance demandBrunner, Johann K. / Pech, Susanne

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