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2006 Self-Insurance and Self-Protection as Public GoodsLohse, Tim / Robledo, Julio R. / Schmidt, Ulrich
2004 A Comonotonic Image of Independence for Additive Risk MeasuresGoovaerts, Marc J. / Kaas, Rob / Laeven, Roger J.A. / Tang, Qihe
2012 Medición del riesgo de renta variable mediante modelos internos en Solvencia IIDurán Sontomil, Pablo / Otero González, Luis A. / Redondo López, José A. / Vivel Búa, M. Milagros
2002 Can financial markets be tapped to help poor people cope with weather risks?Skees, Jerry / Varangis, Panos / Larson, Donald / Siegel, Paul
2012 EU single financial market: Porspects of changesMikita, Malgorzata
2012 Insurance and the corporate cost of capitalWieczorek-Kosmala, Monika
2012 Perceptions of (micro)insurance in Southern Ghana: The role of information and peer effectsGiesbert, Lena / Steiner, Susan
2006 Aggregate mortality risk and the insurance value of annuitiesAlho, Juha / Määttänen, Niku
2009 Natural Hazards Insurance in Europe ? Tailored Responses to Climate Change NeededSchwarze, Reimund / Wagner, Gert G.
2013 Social learning and health insurance enrollment: Evidence from China's New Cooperative Medical SchemeLiu, Hong / Sun, Qi / Zhao, Zhong

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