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2013 Measuring Credit Risk in a Large Banking System: Econometric Modeling and EmpiricsLucas, Andre / Schwaab, Bernd / Zhang, Xin
2002 Wie beeinflußt das Umfeld einer Bank die Effizienz? Eine DEA-Analyse für die Bayerischen GenossenschaftsbankenWutz, Andreas
2002 Credit risk and the role of capital adequacy regulationPausch, Thilo / Welzel, Peter
2000 Einfluß der Modellierung auf die Effizienz der Bank: Produktions- und Intermediationsansatz im VergleichWutz, Andreas
1998 Credit securitization and credit derivatives: Financial instruments and the credit risk management of middle market commercial loan portfoliosHenke, Sabine / Burghof, Hans-Peter / Rudolph, Bernd
2009 Margins of international banking: is there a productivity pecking order in banking, too?Buch, Claudia M. / Koch, Cathérine Tahmee / Koetter, Michael
2009 The dependency of the banks' assets and liabilities: evidence from GermanyMemmel, Christoph / Schertler, Andrea
2010 Banks' exposure to interest rate risk, their earnings from term transformation, and the dynamics of the term structureMemmel, Christoph
2005 Banks' regulatory capital buffer and the business cycle: evidence for German savings and cooperative banksStolz, Stéphanie / Wedow, Michael
2006 Heterogeneity in lending and sectoral growth: evidence from German bank-level dataSchertler, Andrea / Buch, Claudia M. / von Westernhagen, Natalja

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