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DateTitle Authors
2009 Are market makers uninformed and passive? Signing trades in the absence of quotesvan der Wel, Michel / Menkveld, Albert J. / Sarkar, Asani
2010 Sense of control affects investment behaviorKing, Li King
2007 Calibrating CAT bonds for Mexican earthquakesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Cabrera, Brenda López
2013 Volatility linkages between energy and agricultural commodity pricesLópez Cabrera, Brenda / Schulz, Franziska
2014 A consistent two-factor model for pricing temperature derivativesGroll, Andreas / López-Cabrera, Brenda / Meyer-Brandis, Thilo
2009 Pricing of Asian temperature riskBenth, Fred / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / López Cabrera, Brenda
2012 Statistical modelling of temperature riskAnastasiadou, Zografia / López-Cabrera, Brenda
2009 Implied market price of weather riskHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / López Cabrera, Brenda
2012 Forecast based pricing of weather derivativesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / López-Cabrera, Brenda / Ritter, Matthias
2010 Localising temperature riskHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / López Cabrera, Brenda / Okhrin, Ostap / Wang, Weining

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