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DateTitle Authors
2012 Published stock recommendations as institutional investor sentiment in the near-term stock marketSinger, Nico / Dreher, Frank / Laser, Saskia
2011 Modeling electricity spot prices - Combining mean-reversion, spikes and stochastic volatilityMayer, Klaus / Schmid, Thomas / Weber, Florian
2013 Forecasting Croatian stock market index: CrobexIvanovic, Zoran / Bogdan, Sinisa / Baresa, Suzana
2015 Forecaster overconfidence and market survey performanceDeaves, Richard / Lei, Jin / Schröder, Michael
2011 A recommended financial model for the selection of safest portfolio by using simulation and optimization techniquesArekar, Kirti / Kumar, Sanjeevani
2012 Does Basel II pillar 3 risk exposure data help to identify risky banks?Sabiwalsky, Ralf
2013 Jump-diffusion long-run risks models, variance risk premium and volatility dynamicsJin, Jianjian
2010 Forecasting international stock market correlations: does anything beat a CCC?Manner, Hans / Reznikova, Olga
2011 The extreme value theory as a tool to measure market riskAvdulaj, Krenar
2010 Equity premium predictions with adaptive macro indexesBai, Jennie

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