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DateTitle Authors
2007 Where does price discovery occur in FX markets?D'Souza, Chris
2001 An economic analysis of securities market regulation and supervision: Where to go after the Lamfalussy report?Niemeyer, Jonas
2013 Why do emerging markets liberalize capital outflow controls? Fiscal versus net capital flow concernsAizenman, Joshua / Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2013 Oil prices, exchange rates and asset pricesFratzscher, Marcel / Schneider, Daniel / Van Robays, Ine
2006 Swedish intervention and the Krona float, 1993 - 2002Humpage, Owen F. / Ragnartz, Javiera
2010 Investigating sources of unanticipated exposure in industry stock returnsBredin, Don / Hyde, Stuart
2010 Determinants of corporate exchange rate exposure and implications for investors: Evidence from Chilean firmsHansen, Erwin / Hyde, Stuart
2006 Stock market interactions and the impact of macroeconomic news: Evidence from high frequency data of European futures marketsCanto, Bea / Kräussl, Roman
2000 FX trading... LIVE!: Dealer behaviour and trading systems in foreign exchange marketsBjønnes, Geir Høidal / Rime, Dagfinn
2000 Customer trading and information in foreign exchange marketsBjønnes, Geir Høidal / Rime, Dagfinn

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