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2010 Bank competition and international financial integration: Evidence using a new indexPasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2007 Exchange rate regimes, globalisation, and the cost of capital in emerging marketsDiez de los Rios, Antonio
2009 Testing for financial contagion with applications to the Canadian banking systemLi, Fuchun
2007 Price formation and liquidity provision in short-term fixed income marketsD'Souza, Chris / Lo, Ingrid / Sapp, Stephen
2008 McCallum rules, exchange rates, and the term structure of interest ratesDiez de los Rios, Antonio
2011 Effectiveness of capital controls in India: Evidence from the offshore NDF marketHutchison, Michael / Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur / Singh, Nirvikar
1999 Transmission of policy shocks in a monetary asset-pricing modelMüller, Markus / Schittko, Ulrich
2004 Financial liberalization, bank crises and growth: Assessing the linksBonfiglioli, Alessandra / Mendicino, Caterina
2009 Uncovered interest parity in a partially Dollarized developing country: Does UIP hold in Bolivia (and if not, why not?)Melander, Ola
2009 The effects of real exchange rate shocks in an economy with extreme liability dollarizationMelander, Ola

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