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DateTitle Authors
2010 How Brazil can defend against financialization and keep its economic surplus for itselfHudson, Michael
2008 Global Loss Diversification in the Insurance SectorSheremet, Oleg / Lucas, André
2002 How government bond prices reflect wartime events: The case of the Stockholm marketWaldenström, Daniel / Frey, Bruno S.
2009 What is the impact of the global financial crisis on the banking system in East Asia?Pomerleano, Michael
2008 International financial integration through the law of one price: The role of liquidity and capital controlsYeyati, Eduardo Levy / Schmukler, Sergio / Horen, Neeltje van
2008 Crises, capital controls, and financial integrationLevy Yeyati, Eduardo / L. Schmukler, Sergio / van Horen, Neeltje
2009 Developing Asian local currency bond markets: Why and how?Spiegel, Mark M.
2010 Bank competition and international financial integration: Evidence using a new indexPasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2007 Exchange rate regimes, globalisation, and the cost of capital in emerging marketsDiez de los Rios, Antonio
2009 Testing for financial contagion with applications to the Canadian banking systemLi, Fuchun

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