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DateTitle Authors
2001 Extracting risk-neutral probability distributions from option prices using trading volume as a filterDupont, Dominique Y.
2003 Effects of securities transaction taxes on depth and bid-ask spreadDupont, Dominique Y. / Lee, Gabriel S.
2008 Revisión de la literatura sobre cuantificación del valor reputación ambientalConte Grand, Mariana
2008 Large-scale disasters and the insurance industryKrämer, Walter / Schich, Sebastian T.
2008 Heterogeneity in exchange rate expectations: evidence on the chartist-fundamentalist approachMenkhoff, Lukas / Rebitzky, Rafael R. / Schröder, Michael
2009 Exchange rate forecasters' performance: evidence of skill?MacDonald, Ronald / Menkhoff, Lukas / Rebitzky, Rafael R.
2013 The effects of surprise political events on quoted firms: The March 2004 election in SpainCastells, Pau / Trillas, Francesc
2005 Rational information choice in financial market equilibriumMuendler, Marc-Andreas
1999 Volatility Estimation on the Basis of Price IntensitiesGerhard, Frank / Hautsch, Nikolaus
1998 What a Difference a Day Makes: On the Common Market Microstructure of Trading DaysGerhard, Frank / Hess, Dieter / Pohlmeier, Winfried

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