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DateTitle Authors
2008 Price adjustment to news with uncertain precisionHautsch, Nikolaus / Hess, Dieter E. / Müller, Christoph
2013 Stock market efficiency of Ghana stock exchange: An objective analysisAyentimi, Desmond Tutu / Mensah, Anthony Ekow / Naa-Idar, Francis
2005 Sources of Predictability of European Stock Markets for High-Technology FirmsPierdzioch, Christian / Schertler, Andrea
2005 Underpricing and Index Excess ReturnsNippel, Peter / Pierdzioch, Christian / Schertler, Andrea
1999 Foreign Competition and Disintermediation: No Threat to the German Banking System?Golder, Stefan M. / Buch, Claudia M.
2004 Feedback Trading and Predictability of Stock Returns in Germany, 1880?1913Pierdzioch, Christian
2005 The Use of Trading Strategies by Fund Managers: Some First Survey EvidenceMenkhoff, Lukas / Schmidt, Ulrich
2004 The Impact of Experience on Risk Taking, Overconfidence, and Herding of Fund Managers: Complementary Survey EvidenceBrozynski, Torsten / Menkhoff, Lukas / Schmidt, Ulrich
2003 The use of momentum, contrarian and buy-&-hold strategies: survey evidence from fund managersSchmidt, Ulrich / Menkhoff, Lukas / Brozynski, Torsten
2008 Der Einfluss von Diversifikationsstrategien auf den Aktienkurs deutscher UnternehmenRustige, Marc / Grote, Michael H.

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