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2009 Price discovery in spot and futures markets: A reconsiderationTheissen, Erik
2008 Price adjustment to news with uncertain precisionHautsch, Nikolaus / Hess, Dieter E. / Müller, Christoph
2013 Stock market efficiency of Ghana stock exchange: An objective analysisAyentimi, Desmond Tutu / Mensah, Anthony Ekow / Naa-Idar, Francis
2008 Der Einfluss von Diversifikationsstrategien auf den Aktienkurs deutscher UnternehmenRustige, Marc / Grote, Michael H.
2009 Quantifying high-frequency market reactions to real-time news sentiment announcementsGroß-Klußmann, Axel / Hautsch, Nikolaus
2011 On the Effects of Private Information on VolatilityOpschoor, Anne / van der Wel, Michel / van Dijk, Dick / Taylor, Nick
2002 The processing of non-anticipated information in financial markets: Analyzing the impact of surprises in the employment reportHautsch, Nikolaus / Hess, Dieter
2005 Does SIZE matter?: Liquidity provision by the Nasdaq anonymous trading FacilityMizrach, Bruce
2010 Predictability of asset returns and the efficient market hypothesisPesaran, Mohammad Hashem
2005 A Characterization of the Distributions That Imply Existence of Linear Equilibria in the Kyle-ModelNöldeke, Georg / Tröger, Thomas

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