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DateTitle Authors
2008 Are the exchange rates of EMU candidate countries anchored by their expected euro locking rates?Naszódi, Anna
2014 Forward-looking measures of higher-order dependencies with an application to portfolio selectionBrinkmann, Felix / Kempf, Alexander / Korn, Olaf
2014 Portfolio optimization using forward-looking informationKempf, Alexander / Korn, Olaf / Saßning, Sven
2012 Análisis de la utilización de derivados financieros en las empresas no financieras mexicanas y su efecto en las cotizaciones bursátilesCorona Dueñas, José Asunción
2011 Testing the asset pricing model of exchange rates with survey dataNaszódi, Anna
2009 Credit risk transfer and bank competitionHakenes, Hendrik / Schnabel, Isabel
2008 Density forecast evaluation and the effect of risk-neutral central moments on the currency risk premium: Test based on EUR/HUF option-implied densitiesCsávás, Csaba
2011 Beating the random walk in Central and Eastern Europe by survey forecastsNaszódi, Anna
2010 The forward premium puzzle and latent factors day by dayBernoth, Kerstin / von Hagen, Jürgen / de Vries, Casper G.
2008 A value at risk analysis of credit default swapsScheicher, Martin / Raunig, Burkhard

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