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2013 Assessing mental models via recording the decision deliberations of pairsBerninghaus, Siegfried K. / Güth, Werner / Klempt, Charlotte / Pull, Kerstin
2006 "Ito's Lemma" and the Bellman equation for poisson processes : an applied viewSennewald, Ken / Wälde, Klaus
2014 Measurement Error in Subjective Expectations and the Empirical Content of Economic ModelsDrerup, Tilman / Enke, Benjamin / von Gaudecker, Hans-Martin
2014 Non-Implementability of Arrow-Debreu Equilibria by Continuous Trading Under Knightian UncertaintyRiedel, Frank / Beissner, Patrick
2013 Does it pay to invest in art? A selection-corrected returns perspectiveKorteweg, Arthur / Kräussl, Roman / Verwijmeren, Patrick
2014 The impact of health insurance on stockholding: A regression discontinuity approachChristelis, Dimitris / Georgarakos, Dimitris / Sanz-de-Galdeano, Anna
2002 Skill reputation, prospect theory, and regret theoryHarbaugh, Richmond
2006 Does the hedge fund industry deliver alpha?Wagenvoort, Rien
2006 Wieweit tragen rationale Modelle in der Finanzmarktforschung?Franke, Günter / Weber, Thomas
2013 Stock investments for old-age: Less return, more risk, and unexpected timingUlbricht, Dirk

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