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DateTitle Authors
2012 Stock returns and implied volatility: A new VAR approachLee, Bong Soo / Ryu, Doojin
2012 Arima-Garch models in estimating market risk using value at risk for the WIG20 indexMakiel, Kamil
2011 Financial innovations and their role in the modern financial system-identification and systematization of the problemBłach, Joanna
2012 When lower risk increases profit: Competition and control of a central counterpartyFontaine, Jean-Sébastien / Pérez Saiz, Héctor / Slive, Joshua
2007 Impact of electronic trading platforms on the brokered interdealer market for Government of Canada benchmark bondsKhan, Natasha
2008 Credit, asset prices, and financial stress in CanadaMisina, Miroslav / Tkacz, Greg
2013 The scapegoat theory of exchange rates: The first testsFratzscher, Marcel / Sarno, Lucio / Zinna, Gabriele
2012 Do wealthier households save more? The impact of the demographic factorBelke, Ansgar / Dreger, Christian / Ochmann, Richard
2007 The microstructure of cross-autocorrelationsChordia, Tarun / Sarkar, Asani / Subrahmanyam, Avanidhar
2006 Two-sided markets and intertemporal trade clustering: Insights into trading motivesSarkar, Asani / Schwartz, Robert A.

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