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DateTitle Authors
2013 Estimating the quadratic covariation of an asynchronously observed semimartingale with jumpsBibinger, Markus / Vetter, Mathias
2011 Portfolio choice and the effects of liquidityGonzález, Ana / Rubio, Gonzalo
2012 Do wealthier households save more? The impact of the demographic factorBelke, Ansgar / Dreger, Christian / Ochmann, Richard
2009 Network analysis and Canada's large value transfer systemEmbree, Lana / Roberts, Tom
1999 Exchange Rate Exposure, Foreign Involvement and Currency Hedging of Firms - Some Swedish EvidenceNydahl, Stefan
2009 Does training on behavioral finance influence fund managers' perception and behavior?Nikiforow, Marina
2014 Interest on cash, fundamental value process and bubble formation on experimental asset marketsGiusti, Giovanni / Jiang, Janet Hua / Xu, Yiping
2014 What makes individual investors exercise early? Empirical evidence from the fixed-income marketEickholt, Mathias / Entrop, Oliver / Wilkens, Marco
2012 Stock returns and implied volatility: A new VAR approachLee, Bong Soo / Ryu, Doojin
2008 Professionals' endorsement of behavioral finance: does it impact their perception of markets and themselves?Menkhoff, Lukas / Nikiforow, Marina

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