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2003 Some Like it Smooth, and Some Like it Rough: Untangling Continuous and Jump Components in Measuring, Modeling, and Forecasting Asset Return VolatilityAndersen, Torben G. / Bollerslev, Tim / Francis X. Diebold,
2004 Realized beta: Persistence and predictabilityAndersen, Torben G. / Bollerslev, Tim / Diebold, Francis X. / Wu, Jin
2007 Finance and welfare states in globalizing marketsBertola, Giuseppe
2007 Household debt and credit: Economic issues and data problemsBertola, Giuseppe / Hochguertel, Stefan
2004 Catastrophic events as threats to society: Private and public risk management strategiesNell, Martin / Richter, Andreas
2007 Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives in Russia: An OverviewRotfuß, Waldemar
2003 Managing investment risks of institutional private equity investors: The challenge of illiquidityKaserer, Christoph / Wagner, Niklas / Achleitner, Ann-Kristin
2014 The benefits of panel data in consumer expenditure surveysCarroll, Christopher D. / Parker, Jonathan A. / Souleles, Nicholas S.
2008 The credit risk premium in a disaster-prone worldZhu, Yanhui / Copeland, Laurence
2007 Rare disasters and the equity premium in a two-country worldCopeland, Laurence / Zhu, Yanhui

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