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1998 Disintermediation and the role of banks in Europe: An international comparisonSchmidt, Reinhard H. / Hackethal, Andreas / Tyrell, Marcel
2010 The transition from industrial capitalism to a financialized bubble economyHudson, Michael
2010 Adverse selection and liquidity distortion in decentralized marketsChang, Briana
2011 Trading dynamics with adverse selection and search: Market freeze, intervention and recoveryChiu, Jonathan / Koeppl, Thorsten V.
2011 Belief dispersion and order submission strategies in the foreign exchange marketLo, Ingrid / Sapp, Stephen
2007 Loan and bond finance in Argentina, 1985-2005Fernández, Roque B. / González, Celeste / Pernice, Sergio / Streb, Jorge M.
2013 Profiteering from the Dot-com Bubble, Sub-Prime Crisis and Asian Financial CrisisMcAleer, Michael / Suen, John / Wong, Wing Keung
2008 Financial integration in emerging market economiesPasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2002 Return and volatility spillovers to industry returns: Does EMU play a role?Kaltenhäuser, Bernd
2003 Some Like it Smooth, and Some Like it Rough: Untangling Continuous and Jump Components in Measuring, Modeling, and Forecasting Asset Return VolatilityAndersen, Torben G. / Bollerslev, Tim / Francis X. Diebold,

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