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2010 Is Economic Recovery a Myth? Robust Estimation of Impulse ResponsesTeulings, Coen N. / Zubanov, Nick
2013 Currency wars not public debt may create a financial meltdownPope, Robin / Selten, Reinhard
2013 Persistence in the price-to-dividend ratio and its macroeconomic fundamentalsRengel, Malte / Herwartz, Helmut / Xu, Fang
2012 A system-wide financial stress indicator for the Hungarian financial systemHolló, Dániel
2011 Volatility patterns of CDS, bond and stock markets before and during the financial crisis: evidence from major financial institutionsBelke, Ansgar / Gokus, Christian
2010 Is economic recovery a myth? Robust estimation of impulse responsesTeulings, Coen N. / Zubanov, Nick
2010 Short-Selling Bans around the World: Evidence from the 2007-09 CrisisBeber, Alessandro / Pagano, Marco
2010 The Appeal of Risky AssetsStolper, Anno
2012 What are the driving factors behind the rise of spreads and CDSs of euro-area sovereign bonds? A FAVAR model for Greece and IrelandApergis, Nicholas / Mamatzakis, Emmanuel
2013 Sovereign risk contagion in the Eurozone: A time-varying coefficient approachLudwig, Alexander

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