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2013 Changing forces of gravity: How the crisis affected international bankingBuch, Claudia M. / Neugebauer, Katja / Schröder, Christoph
2013 The European Commission's Scoreboard of Macroeconomic Imbalances: The impact of preferences on an early warning systemKnedlik, Tobias
2014 Bank bonds: Size, systemic relevance and the sovereignZaghini, Andrea
2013 Financialization in Commodity Markets: Disentangling the Crisis from the Style EffectAdams, Zeno / Glück, Thorsten
2013 Financial sector-output dynamics in the euro area: Non-linearities reconsideredSchleer, Frauke / Semmler, Willi
2013 A wake-up call: Information contagion and strategic uncertaintyAhnert, Toni / Bertsch, Christoph
2013 A detrimental feedback loop: Deleveraging and adverse selectionBertsch, Christoph
2013 Why did unemployment respond so differently to the global financial crisis across countries? Insights from Okun's LawCazes, Sandrine / Verick, Sher / Hussami, Fares Al
2013 Occupy Risk Weighting: How the Minimum Leverage Ratio dominates Capital Requirements - A Swiss ExampleKellermann, Kersten / Schlag, Carsten
2013 Short-Selling, Leverage and Systemic RiskPais, Amelia / Stork, Philip A.

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