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2009 The bonus-driven "rainmaker" financial firm: How these firms enrich top employees, destroy shareholder value and create system financial instabilityCrotty, James
2009 Bretton Woods II and the emerging economies: Lazarus, Phoenix, or Humpty Dumpty?Razmi, Arslan
2011 What is the risk of European sovereign debt defaults? Fiscal space, CDS spreads and market pricing of ristkAizenman, Joshua / Hutchison, Michael / Jinjarak, Yothin
2013 Hubs and resilience: Towards more realistic models of the interbank marketsMontagna, Mattia / Lux, Thomas
2013 On assortative and disassortative mixing in scale-free networks: The case of interbank credit networksFricke, Daniel / Finger, Karl / Lux, Thomas
2014 Financial sector-output dynamics in the euro area: Non-linearities reconsideredSchleer, Frauke / Semmler, Willi
2009 The Transatlantic Banking Crisis: Lessons and EU ReformsWelfens, Paul J. J.
2013 Slovakia: A Catching Up Euro Area Member In and Out of the CrisisFidrmuc, Jarko / Klein, Caroline / Price, Robert / Wörgötter, Andreas
2011 The effect of the interbank network structure on contagion and common shocksGeorg, Co-Pierre
2011 Will human action by Ludwig von Mises help understand what causes the 2008 economic crisis?Koumparoulis, Dimitrios Nikolaou

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