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DateTitle Authors
2010 Discounting, inequalities and economic convergenceGollier, Christian
2011 Financialization of commoditiesFalkowski, Michał
2014 Crowded Trades: An Overlooked Systemic Risk for Central Clearing CounterpartiesMenkveld, Albert J.
2001 Venture Capital in Europe?s Common Market: A Quantitative DescriptionSchertler, Andrea
2010 Are attitudes towards economic risk heritable? Analyses using the Australian twin study of gamblingLe, Anh Tram / Miller, Paul W. / Slutske, Wendy S. / Martin, Nicholas G.
1998 Wieviel Phantasie braucht die Fußballaktie?Lehmann, Erik / Weigand, Jürgen
2002 On the property of real options and the assets that give rise to themDapena Fernández, José Pablo
2003 Fifteen minutes of fame? The market impact of internet stock picksAntunovich, Peter / Sarkar, Asani
2009 Financial visibility and the decision to go privateMehran, Hamid / Peristiani, Stavros
1999 Modelling exchange rates volatility with multivariate long-memory ARCH processesTeyssière, Gilles

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