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2010 Urban myths and the mis-use of data that underpin themSatterthwaite, David
2009 War and relatednessSpolaore, Enrico / Wacziarg , Romain
2012 Foreign aid in Africa: Tracing channels of influence on democratic transitions and consolidationResnick, Danielle
2013 Political Economy of Fiscal UnionsFidrmuc, Jan
2006 The formation of a mercantilist state and the economic growth of the United Kingdom 1453 - 1815O'Brien, Patrick Karl
2015 Implementing Partial Tax Harmonization in an Asymmetric Tax Competition Game with Repeated InteractionItaya, Jun-ichi / Okamura, Makoto / Yamaguchi, Chikara
2013 Hanging together or being hung separately: The strategic power of coalitions where bargaining occurs with incomplete informationKonrad, Kai A. / Cusack, Thomas R.
2012 The role of the IMF in the European debt crisisSeitz, Franz / Jost, Thomas
2011 Can regional transfers buy public support? Evidence from EU structural policyOsterloh, Steffen
2010 Aspects of Inner-Korean relations examined from a German viewpointHorak, Sven

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