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2009 On the paradox of prudential regulations in the globalized economy; International reserves and the crisis: a reassessmentAizenman, Joshua
2010 The dark side of the generalized system of preferencesHerz, Bernhard / Wagner, Marco
2010 Multilateral Safety Nets for Financial CrisesFernandez-Arias, Eduardo
2013 Letting the sun shine in at the WTO: How transparency brings the trading system to lifeWolfe, Robert
2011 The economics of TARGET2 balancesBindseil, Ulrich / König, Philipp Johann
2013 The response speed of the International Monetary FundMody, Ashoka / Saravia, Diego
2011 Hegemonic currencies during the crisis: The dollar versus the euro in a cartalist perspectiveFields, David / Vernengo, Matías
2007 Evolving ASEAN+3 ERPD: Towards peer reviews or due diligence?Kawai, Masahiro / Houser, Cindy
2010 Non-state sovereign entrepreneurs and non-territorial sovereign organizationsBrauer, Jurgen / Haywood, Robert
2012 The relationship between exchange rates and international trade: A literature reviewAuboin, Marc / Ruta, Michele

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