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DateTitle Authors
2008 A wave of protectionism? An analysis of economic and political considerationsMaier, Philipp
2007 Oil price movements and the global economy: A model-based assessmentElekdag, Selim / Lalonde, René / Laxton, Douglas / Muir, Dirk / Pesenti, Paolo
2012 The European Commission's scoreboard of macroeconomic imbalances: The impact of preferences on an early warning systemKnedlik, Tobias
2014 Systemic event prediction by early warning systemZigraiova, Diana / Jakubík, Petr
2002 The Empirical Performance of Option Based Densities of Foreign ExchangeKeller, Joachim G. / Craig, Ben R.
2007 Oil prices and the Russian economy: Some simulation studies with NiGEMSuni, Paavo
2005 The forecast ability of risk-neutral densities of foreign exchangeCraig, Ben R. / Keller, Joachim
2003 An oversimplified inquiry into the sources of exchange rate variabilityKempa, Bernd
2007 Long Run Macroeconomic Relations in the Global EconomyPesaran, Mohammad Hashem / Holly, Sean / Dees, Stephane / Smith, L. Vanessa
2003 Should one rely on professional exchange rate forecasts: An empirical analysis of professional forecasts for the €/US-$ rateBofinger, Peter / Schmidt, Robert

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