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2010 How would an appreciation of the yuan affect the People's Republic of China's surplus in processing trade?Thorbecke, Willem
2010 Investigating the effect of exchange rate changes on the People's Republic of China's processed exportsThorbecke, Willem
2011 The effect of exchange rate changes on trade in East AsiaThorbecke, Willem
2010 Asset market structures and monetary policy in a small open economyJung, Yongseung
2011 A de facto Asian-currency unit bloc in East Asia: It has been there but we did not look for ItGirardin, Eric
2000 Optimal fiscal and monetary policies in a recession: Is there a way out of the trap in an open economy?Alho, Kari E.O.
2007 Classifying exchange rate regimes: A statistical analysis of alternative methodsBleaney, Michael / Francisco, Manuela
2007 Three current account balances: A "semi-structuralist" interpretationChinn, Menzie / Lee, Jaewoo
2007 Price-based measurement of financial globalization: A cross-country study of interest rate parityIto, Hiro / Chinn, Menzie
2007 East Asia and global imbalances: Saving, investment, and financial developmentIto, Hiro / Chinn, Menzie

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