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DateTitle Authors
1990 The Critique of the Price Specie Flow: A Historical NoteHomburg, Stefan
2010 The evolution of international consumption risk sharing over time and frequencyMcLoughlin, Cameron
2012 A model of aid and Dutch Disease in Sub-Saharan AfricaFielding, David / Gibson, Fred
2008 Oil price shocks: Demand vs supply in a two-country modelCampolmi, Alessia
2000 Stabilization Policy and the Costs of DollarizationSchmitt-Grohe, Stephanie / Uribe, Martin
2007 Optimal monetary policy in an independent worldEvers, Michael P.
2002 Propagation of nominal shocks in open economiesAndersen, Torben M. / Beier, Niels C.
2011 Oil price shocks and cyclical dynamics in an asymmetric monetary unionClausen, Volker / Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2004 The purchasing power parity debateTaylor, Alan M. / Taylor, Mark P.
2013 The impact of financial openness on the size of utility-enhancing governmentErauskin, Iñaki

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